The websites for best movie where you might watch movies for free

The websites for best movie where you might watch movies for free

Watching movies online for free is possible without having to resort to direct downloads or torrrents, or sites persecuted by the entertainment industry for copyright reasons. Several legal and free options are there.

Classic cinema and a large number of films that are already in the public domain can be viewed online without restrictions. Other websites collect independent films, others offer free content with some commercials, and on YouTube itself you can find huge amounts of films of all times and genres.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is already one of the largest public domain content libraries on the web, in its films section you will find more than 22,000 results that include full films, classic short films, documentaries, trailers, and even propaganda of the Second World War.

Everything use to be organized by year, type, themes, file date, creators, collections, titles, languages, and number of views. And also, there are no annoying ads at any time.


YouTube is already the source of content for some of the aforementioned websites, and in the same section of YouTube Movies, although the vast majority that are offered are for rent, sometimes you find free offers.

Movies Found Online use to be a website that, as its name designates, use to be committed to accumulating movies which are to be understood on the Internet. They do not host anything, they link to the videos on sites just like Vime and YouTube. It is a good option to find movies easily without having to search manually on those video platforms.

Netflix Party

This application, or rather extension, has gained great value in recent weeks to the extent of becoming viral for its function. This Chrome extension (only available for this browser) allows you and your friends to watch movies online in the same on Netflix at the same time.


Fmovies is one of the put locker alternatives that has a ton of high quality movies and TV series. You can even download movies and subtitles from this site.


Although this is a new website, it has some great movies and TV shows with the latest episodes. You can download even movies and watch it offline. As this is a new website, you need to create an account and login to watch a movie without any worries. Gomovies also categorizes movies and TV series based on genre like Solar Movie. The domain name of this site use to be

Watch movies online

Watch-movies-online is another new movie streaming site where you can watch your favorite movies without registration or registration. This site has a good collection of films. On the first page, you will see three options Cinema, New Film and Cinema AZ. On this site, you can search for your favorite movie by entering its name or selecting categories. The films are in several categories such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Science Fiction, Horror, etc. You can also choose your favorite movies by selecting the year 2011-2015. Although this site is new but has good potential to keep you entertained.