Who can provide a Close Protection London detail and what does it cost?

Who can provide a Close Protection London detail and what does it cost?

The cost of a close protection London detail begins at £950 for three days. The price per day goes up from there, depending on the amount of time you spend with the detail. When it comes to hiring a close protection agent in London, there are many factors that you should consider. One of these is the different levels of protection that are available. The cheapest agent is called an Executive Protection Agent and this costs about £200 a day. You can also hire a Senior Protection Agent for £1,200 or even a Chief Protection Agent for £3,000 or more. Close Protection London is a company that offers personal protection services. They can provide details for people who want to live or work in London and make sure their safety is taken care of.

 The price for a detail depends on the size of the client, how long they need the detail, and how many days they need it for. Close Protection London is a company that provides security services for individuals and organizations. They have different levels of detail available, depending on the level of protection needed. Some of the details include armed close protection, VIP and executive protection, high-risk home security, and corporate work environment security. The cost of a Close Protection London detail depends on the level of service provided as well as how long the detail lasts. The cost to hire a close protection detail in London is typically one or two hundred pounds per hour depending on the length of the detail.

Why should you choose Close Protection London?

The person usually hired to guard the client is called a close protection agent and there are many types of agents that can be hired.  Thanks to the strict rules and regulations that govern this type of work, a detail in London is a highly regulated process. Protection Officers are primarily responsible for ensuring the safety and security of high-profile individuals or those who require increased protection due to their profession, status, or position. As such, in most cases, you will need to be approved by the Royalty Protection officer before you can provide a service. If you need close protection London, these professional bodyguards will be able to provide this service.

While one of their top services is protection, they also offer personal and executive protection details as well as access control services. These guards are highly trained and can be on the job within minutes.  They will assess the area around the home or office and create an environment that is comfortable for everyone. It can cost anywhere from £500-£5,000 per day depending on the duration of the detail, with a 3-2-1 discount if you book ahead of time. A Close Protection officer’s job is to protect and provide for the safety of their client. A Close Protection detail covers a wide range of services that are provided to large groups of people. These services include providing the safe transportation from one place to another, protection from criminals and terrorists, and security for VIP guests.